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Partner Program - Partner Questionnaire

Company Profile
  Company Name
  How long has your company been established?
  What is was your company’s annual revenue over the past three years?
  Please provide a list of your existing product and service portfolio including all other vendors you currently represent
  Do you currently have any exclusive contracts with other vendors that may preclude a contract with
  Please provide a list of your company locations.
  What incremental revenue are you expecting as a result of a partnership with
  Please indicate which geographic areas or vertical markets that you currently support. In which of these areas or markets do you propose to resell products and or services?
  Who are your biggest competitors in markets where you plan to resell products?
  You may be required to purchase at least 3 months of inventory / service of our product, if you have no potential customers upon acceptance?  Is this acceptable?
  What co-marketing needs will you require?
  How do you currently advertise your products and services?
  Do you currently belong to any industry associations? Please describe any such membership.
  What annual shows do you participate in locally and when do they take place?
  Do you hold your own show, if so when, and what is involved?
  What shows do you typically attend each year?
  How many people are directly on your staff?
  How many sales people are on your staff?
  How many engineers are on your staff?
Technical Support
  How many technical support people are on your staff?
  How many of your technical support people are available to dedicate to first and second priority support for products and services?
  Do you currently provide 24 x 7 technical support for your customers, if not what is your current support.
  How do you track support requests from your customers?
  What database is used?
  Will you have technical people available for training of our products?
Contact Information
  Your Name
  Email Address
  Phone Number
  Web Site

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